An open letter about dating

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Okay, so things have changed since I was first passed a note in fifth grade from one of the twins about how the other one wanted to be my boyfriend. Truth be told, I probably had a bigger crush on their best friend {the dark, elusive type}. Could this maybe be a glimpse into my future?

For the first decade or so of my dating life, I did it without the internet {*gasp*}. I have to say in hindsight, with the exception of a few stellar moments/days, they were probably the best of my dating years so far. Eyes meet across a crowded school dance/sporting event/regular Thursday night bar/lift at work – and the rest was history – for a few months or a few years. The following decade was a combination of online dating and eyes meet across a crowded boardroom. Although the former had its challenges, the latter…

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Spring is Springing

So the weather forecast for today was 2 degrees but would feel like -2. Still no excuse not to get outside.

Sunday is definitely our must do the dog walk day. We live not even a 5 minute walk away from our local river, woodland, Heath, farm fields and plains. Every walk is a new experience with the people, wildlife, weather, hedgerows. Everything makes it a joy. The Other Half (TOH) is very much into the nature side. Whereas my bigger interest is foliage, hedgerows and the like. I’m also interested in nature however like to gauge the changing seasons by looking out for buds. Like this wild gooseberry bush I saw today.


But the real sign that spring is on its way in the northern hemisphere are the clutches of snowdrops that appear.


But wherever you are, whatever hemisphere, take the time to enjoy the simple things in life. Take a walk. Even if you live in the city and think there is no nature around, you’d be surprised.